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DIRECT TO PRINCIPAL™ is a consortium of affiliated real estate brokers, real estate developers, diversified holding firms, lenders, private investors and M&A advisors. DIRECT TO PRINCIPAL™ was founded by Samuel Vaden in 2012 in Miami Beach, FL and eventually expanded his reach to cover Los Angeles, CA in 2014.

DIRECT TO PRINCIPAL™ leverages access to: (1) critical decision makers (2) proprietary information & (3) off-market investment opportunities globally, to help “Ready, Willing and Able” parties consummate deals.


Real Estate, Venture Capital/Private Equity, Technology Startups + more



Institutional-level Merchant Bank (Portland, OR) - $7 billion Active Portfolio Activity; Real Estate Developer/Investor (Seattle, WA) - $100 million; Real Estate Investment firm (Beverly Hills, CA) - $3 billion+ acquisition directive from sovereign fund; Direct Lender (Refi, Construction) - $300 million (Los Angeles, CA); Early-stage Artificial Intelligence (AI) Venture in Freight Logistics - $600 million market valuation (West Coast USA & Chicago USA); 4th Generation Family-Owned Holding company - $2 billion portfolio (Boca Raton, FL & Chicago, IL) + more